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[Discussion] TD put a block on ATM withdraws for no reason

June 26, 2020 at 09:28PM

I have had my account at TD Bank since Commerce Bank was taken over. I never really had any major problems. I went to the ATM today and it said that the transaction could not be processed. I called through the app and the nice representative told me there was a block, but she did not have enough information to tell me why. I tried the ATM again and it still didn't work.

She made it sound like it was a fraud protection thing, but there is no signs of any fraud on my account. And like I said, I've had this account for a very long time with no major problems.

She's sending me a new ATM card because there's a small possibility it could be a problem with the chip.

Has this happened to anyone else?

It bothers me because what if I had an emergency or was traveling and need to access cash?

I would imagine that if there was an actual reason to suspect fraud on my account, they'd send me an email or text or call me and not just randomly put a hold on my account without any sort of notification.

I also recently opened an account at Charles Schwab. I'm thinking of just moving most of my money over there. The account has free ATM reimbursement too.

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