20 Anti-Ageing Night Creams That Actually Work

June 30, 2020 at 07:00AM

While you might be getting ready to sleep at night, this is when your skin is gearing up to do it’s biggest job—it does its best work at night; restoring, rejuvenating and recharging. That is why, more than ever, your evening routine needs to create the perfect environment for your skin to do its thing. When designing your evening routine, implementing an effective night cream will not only round off your skincare steps but aid your skin to do all the aforementioned work it needs to do.

The products that you’ll more likely see results from are often formulated with stronger ingredients and richer textures to stand the course of several hours compared to a serum or day moisturiser. More often than not we seek a night cream that combats the trials of the day and offers other benefits such as brightening and firmly, and that usually comes in the form of an anti-ageing product. 

To find the perfect night cream for your needs, looking out for key ingredients will help to decipher the most effective and robust creams to see your skin through the night. Vitamins A, C and E will help to fight damage caused by exposure and free radicals. Creating a shield over the skin, antioxidants infused in your night cream will lead to a brighter complexion as well as guard against pollutants. Peptides also an ingredient to watch out for—this small group of amino acids signal and stimulate collagen production. This protein provides the structure for the skin as well as strengthening, hydrating and improving elasticity—essentially making the skin feel and appear firmer. But no night cream is effective without hydrators and their thirst-quenching properties. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerol and shea butter help the skin to retain its moisture and as a result the skin is plumper, nourished and more flexible in structure. 

Whilst night creams are small miracle workers, they are also complimented by a good night routine and ritual. Ensure you are drinking plenty of water and you are getting your recommended hours of rest (they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing) and swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk pillowcase, the natural properties help to nurture the skin whilst you sleep.

Now keep scrolling for our edit of the best anti-ageing night creams…

Working on two microscopic levels, the night treatment is formulated with collagen to correct, target and combat signs of ageing and willow bark to reignite the epidermis and connote a youthful complexion. Together the duo fights back against the most common signs of ageing, boosts suppleness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A moisture-rich night cream clinically proven to increase the oxygen levels in the skin that assists in the skin’s natural regeneration overnight. Designed to replenish what has been lost during the day, the night cream is formulated with Padina Pavonica, red coral and anti-ageing hexapeptides culminated to support and encourage skin’s elasticity whilst protecting and stimulating cell turnover.

Infused with both hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients, the cream assists the skin in its repairing process, as well as utilising phospholipids to lock in moisture that combined with hyaluronic acid, which plumps and rejuvenates the skin.

Designed with a unique triple action formula that is cultivated with Pro-Xylane 3% and Pro Ceramide, the night treatment revives the skin, combats fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduces the appearance of pores and resurfaces the skin’s texture.

Hitting brightening, texture and tone all at once, Kate Somerville’s multi-tasking night cream is enriched with anti-ageing ingredients. Harnessing retinol and Vitamin C to target the skin’s texture, pigment and fine lines, wake up to your skin looking brighter whilst feeling nourished and revitalised.

Whipped to perfection, this night cream is featherlight in texture but rich in formula. Packed with vital ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, your skin can be rest assured that this treatment will be fighting against the damage of the day whilst nurturing it to recovery.

Focusing on restoration, rejuvenation and refinement, the Multi-Lift Night Cream both strengthens and firms the skin whilst minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Suited for all skin types and designed to treat both the face and neck to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion.

One of the capital’s most sought-after skincare specialists, Sarah Chapman designed the ultimate anti-ageing night cream. With 12 vital actives, this cream reduces irritation and redness, banishes dehydration and strengthens the skin’s natural defence barrier.

Although a slight cheat as this is technically a serum. However, if you’ve ever tried this moisturising product, you’ll know that you wake up looking completely refreshed come the AM. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear reduced, the skin’s tone more even and the complexion looking more youthful.

This more affordable cream is formulated with Matrixyl 3000+, an anti-wrinkle peptide that is cultivated in the most expensive skincare products and Retinyl Palmitate that as a pro-retinol ingredient supports the skin’s renewal process. So what does that all mean? Well, they work in harmony to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while creating the ideal environment for recharge and renewal.

Although considerably lighter than most night creams, the Youth Renewal makes up for it in its advanced technology. Powered by a tri-active formula that is broken down between a fast-acting retinoid, time-released retinoid and a retinol booster, the technology has a boastful time impact when targeting wrinkles and boosting resilience. Replenishing the skin at a deeper level, the peptide rich algae extract boosts moisture levels and lifts the skin revealing a more luminous, softer and tighter complexion.

Combining the force of Q10 and Argan Oil, the night cream deeply nourishes and replenishes the skin as well as helps to retain moisture, elasticity and collagen.

Designed to rejuvenate and repair the skin, the nourishing night cream is blended with three expert ingredients that target ageing concerns: avocado oil, Manuka honey and calendula oil. Avocado oil stimulates collagen production, the Manuka is an antibacterial agent to target blemishes and calendula oil protects against environmental damage and free radicals, whilst dosing the skin with the moisture it craves.

Collagen is a key ingredient when investing in anti-ageing night creams and Algenist’s Sleeping Collagen is powered with the highest concentration alongside alguronic acid and ceramides to transform the skin whilst you sleep.

Providing a mini face lift as you sleep, it harnesses Resveratrol to treat the deeper set fine line and wrinkles as well as Grape seed oil and shea butter to nourish, strengthen and encourage the skin’s protective barrier.

Packed with rich and renewing antioxidants, the Preserve Face Cream sinks into the skin and reverses the damage of the day. Plumping, hydrating and brightening the complexion, the blend of hyaluronic acid, peach leaf extract and lotus leaf work together to comfort and recover the skin, recharging it for the day ahead.

Opting to utilise the plant-based retinol alternative, Bakuchiol, your skin will still benefit from the properties of retinol but will avoid the irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive. Whilst in repair mode, your skin will be privy to the gentle exfoliation, improvement of the skin’s tone and targeted action against fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. 

Improving the skin’s tone, firmness and elasticity, reducing fine lines, hydrating, nourishing and promoting cell regeneration, this is an intensive night cream not to be taken lightly.

Two ingredients within this night cream are Horse Chestnut flower extract and Horse Chestnut escin, the energetic duo penetrate to the deeper layers of the dermis and nourish the skin by improving its micro-nutrient network that weakens as we age and causes the skin to become dehydrated. On the surface, the skin will be left radiant, reinforced and plumper.

Containing Skyn Iceland’s iconic Biospheric complex of pure Icelandic glacial waters, arctic berries and pure oxygen, the skin will be treated to a restoration of tone and texture at an optimal level. With rice peptides to help preserve collagen, yeast extract to moisturise and soothe the skin, will bark for antibacterial protection and calming extracts. Together, they will deliver energy to the cells and help create a radiant and plump complexion by morning.

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