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Smart guide: How voice technology can protect your business

July 03, 2020 at 12:01AM

Organisations throughout the world face new and existing complex regulations. With an increasing amount of regulations to adhere to, the burden to understand, manage and protect customers’ voice data is more important than ever.

Increasing pressures from regulators have encouraged enterprises to implement new and advanced solutions to remain compliant. Automated systems are being used for information gathering, monitoring, process automation, workflow automation and advanced analytics to empower compliance and risk management functions. Regulators are constantly challenging organisations to have a comprehensive suite of tools to deliver robust compliance practices.

Having the right processes in place and the ability to be transparent with the tools, processes and the conformity to compliance is essential for brand reputation and share price security. With the right regtech solutions – of which ASR forms a pivotal part by capturing voice – society, consumers, investors and regulatory bodies can be reassured that their personal and sensitive data is secure.

The value of adopting voice technology is no longer a question of choice for brands. Using speech recognition technology for regulatory compliance is delivering monitoring at scale while protecting businesses and customers.

Organisations are getting a better understanding of their customers and businesses – helping to minimise fines while protecting customers and business reputation. For companies looking to remain compliant and mitigate risk, automatic speech recognition should represent a core component of their regtech stack.

Discover ten ways that you can protect your business and customers using voice technology for regulatory compliance. In the Smart Guide, we cover:

  • Why regulatory compliance is important to your business.
  • Ten ways brands can protect their business and customers using voice technology.
  • Financial services regulations to consider.
  • The use of regtech software to manage risk and compliance.
  • How automated workflows are used to keep up with ever-changing regulations.

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