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[Discussion] Are banks still charging overdraft fee during the Coronavirus?

July 08, 2020 at 02:54PM

Long story short, I finally have been able to pay off my bills and go to stores for recreational purposes. I went negative because TD takes a long time to update the amount of money that I have in my debit card, and I knew I was going to have under $15 when all of my bills and personal purchases were no longer pending. I guess I miscalculated and it ended up being $-11, my fault entirely. Is TD Bank still charging overdraft fees even though it is coronavirus? Majority of what I used my unemployment was for the bills I put on hold for 3 months since I was laid off.


Edit: bank response when I called told me that they are unsure of what may occur because they have no one on premises to give me a definitive response since the request volume is high. Person I spoke to sounded inexperienced, but I was on hold for nearly an hour and didn’t want to call again for that one question.

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