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Apple Card Now Reporting To Experian

July 21, 2020 at 08:30PM

Apple Card users say reporting of their credit card use is now appearing on Experian, the consumer credit reporting company, AppleInsider reported.

Reporting of the Apple-branded credit card user’s information had been limited to TransUnion, the Chicago-based consumer credit reporting agency.

AppleInsider said it received an email from a reader with an Apple Card who noticed a change made to their Experian credit report when they checked their report on July 19, the online news outlet reported.

Typically, credit card companies provide reports to all the credit reference organizations, but there is no requirement to do so.

Last year, Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs confirmed it reports user credit information to TransUnion, which is named within Apple’s support documents that come with the card, but do not reference Experian or Equifax.

Earlier this month, Apple launched a website for Apple Card holders to check balances and do business online. The site,, allows users to sign in and see their balance, payment due date and the total limit of their card.

Last month, Apple launched a program intended to help declined Apple Card applicants improve their credit worthiness. The “Path to Apple Card” program is expected to pop up as an optional method for those who want to get an Apple Card but lack the required credit score.

Under the plan, rejected applicants can opt in to a four-month program in which the information used by Goldman Sachs to determine credit worthiness is analyzed in order to help find ways to improve it so the user can be accepted at a later date.

Also last month, Apple said it will allow zero percent interest on financing options for its Mac lineup, iPad, AirPods Pro, AirPods, Apple Pencil and others, when paid for with the Apple Card. The move comes after Apple offered zero percent interest financing on the iPhone in December.

Apple Card Now Reporting To Experian …

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