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[Discussion] Bank of the West feels kind of scammy, anything better for a student account?

July 22, 2020 at 12:00AM

I am exceedingly poor, and I live in Colorado. I've been with Bank of The West since I was a teenager because that's what my parents used. I have less than 20 dollars to my name, no investments, no stocks, nothing. I'm getting support to survive through college, but basically BotW keeps charging me fees because I don't have enough money/accidental overdrafts after all the fees. It's gotten so bad that much of my bill money went to paying fees. When I call them, they immediately reverse the fees, because I have a "student account" that should be fee exempt for things like balance minimum and overdrafts, but I'm sick of calling in. I feel like I keep catching a kid in the cookie jar when I do, they're like "our bad" and give the money back immediately. Maybe I'm just really bad at understanding banks, but I'm getting frustrated, and I think I need a new bank. I also need to apply for student loans, and I don't want changing banks to affect that (if it even does?). Is there a bank that's a safe spot for someone who has another year at most before I can start earning money after graduation? I appreciate any advice.

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