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[Discussion] 22 and never opened any kind of banking account

July 27, 2020 at 06:40AM

like the title says, im 22 year old female and never had any kind of banking account before (to keep this short, raised in a really religiously strict household and wasn't allowed any kind of independence including jobs/driving). i recently started making money online and found out that I need a bank account to verify my paypal account. my parents told me i need to have "good credit" (that doesn't make sense to me but then again, i know jack about this). there's a citizens bank that i plan to walk to, but i just wanna be as prepared as possible when i go in there because it is a really long walk away and i live in the mountains so its not a trip i wanna make more than once unless i'm successful.

i dont have any highschool diploma or GED, i don't have an ID or license either. im assuming i need those, but is there anything else that's going to prevent me from opening a checking account?

and yes, i know how pathetic this all sounds. im trying to change it though and i'd appreciate any help at all.

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