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[Discussion] Help: I must find my father’s hidden bank account to get the child support money he owes me.

August 04, 2020 at 10:32PM

Greetings, let me first note that I live in Greece and I'm citing this because we're dealing with a half legal, half banking issue and the country in question matters. So, my mother has won some courts over my child support and my father owes us lots of money that he is not willing to pay. We have located one of his bank accounts, that is at National Bank (Εθνική Τράπεζα Ελλάδος), whose savings are meager. It's a "puppet" account. We know for sure that he hides his real bank account with his actual fortune, so that he is not forced by the court to pay us the full amount he owes us. So the only thing we need to do, is to find that bank account with his real savings to prove that he is illegally avoiding to pay what is rightfully ours, that is, the money I need for my Master's studies.

That being said, does anyone know a way that I can track down all of his bank accounts? We're talking about fair amount of money here that may prove crucial regarding my future.

Thanks in advance 🤝

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