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[Discussion] Recurring issue: I make a purchase, such as from Patagonia for $57.35. My bank shows a pending transaction for those funds to be taken from my account. Then, the pending transaction disappears for anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks. After that length of time, the charge shows up as pending again and

August 06, 2020 at 09:22PM

finally goes through.

I made 12 recent purchases and of those 12, there were two affected transactions from Patagonia and Burger King. I have sufficient funds in my account. I have to keep track because of this nonsense.

This bank and my last bank have really sucked. Prior to using banks, I used a credit union so I’ve never not had an issue with a bank. At my last bank, my statement would show a double charge for certain fast food restaurants and then only post one transaction.

When I contact these people, I reach underpaid call center staff who clearly can’t fix the problem.

I want to know if these issues are being caused by programming errors or by manual or automatic processing errors?

Amazon is also intermittently affected and I know most people have no issues with Amazon so it’s not a merchant issue.

I work for a call center as well and customers have told me the same thing about money flowing in and out of their account when our company tries to file auto payments. Whenever someone tells me that, I ask who their bank is and only one had the same bank in common with me.

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