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[Discussion] Bank withdrew 50k from my account without a notice

August 16, 2020 at 12:28PM

Please help. I've opened an online saving high-yield account with Citibank less than a month ago. I was attracted by their $700 promotion as well as the high interest. In order for the promotion to be applied there had to be $50,000 deposited, so I deposited that using all my life-time savings. Yesterday I discovered that all money ($50,035 including $35 of interest), were withdrawn by "Other". Scared of the fraud, I called Citi, and the agent told that the account is listed pending closure so they withdrew my money and will be sending check. She could not find any reason why it was done (neither do I). The other agent in Citi live chat said that the account is not under closure, that it was "system glitch", but they did mail me a check a week ago. I have hard time believing in it, since before they also said they mailed me debit card, but it has never arrived, and later they confirmed that it was never sent. If the check was sent a week ago it really should be here now. I am really scared of my money (who wouldn't be with such sum!) and do not want to have months waiting in uncertainly. Is it even legal for a bank to withdraw money without client's authorization and not state it in the description of the activity (it says "Other" and that's it)? They have never notified me of this action. Moreover I cannot even login now because it started to request my debit card number, which they never sent me.

Is it even possible to have a check of $50k? What should I do to have it resolved quickly? Have anyone here been in similar situation?

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