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[Discussion] Seeking Help for Specific Issue: Need business checking (for LLC partnership) that declines charges instead of allowing overdrafts (plus more, see post)

August 16, 2020 at 08:49PM

Hi everyone,

I'm a small business owner who is looking for a small business account that will NOT end up in a negative balance, ever. I need it to decline debit card charges instead of letting the account overdraft.

It would also be especially helpful if there were no account fees even with little money in the account, or if the fees could be paid via a separate personal account, or paid via a business credit card that isn't hard to get approved for. (I'm also pretty savvy with automations and cross-platform integrations; as long as I don't have to babysit an ongoing API connection that repeatedly breaks, I'm open to a workaround solution for this as well, even if they cost money.)

I don't care if it's a small bank, big bank, credit union, online bank… It just needs to have these features, and a mobile or desktop/browser user interface that isn't total garbage.

Please no roasting or unhelpful advice, I know half of these problems can be solved by me not being a space cadet, but I'm trying to self-accommodate in a way that works for me.

(Mods please don't take this down, I'm confident this won't get helpful replies buried in the general recs thread. If you have a better idea of where to put this post so that it gets helpful responses, let me know, but I'm so tired of reddit posts getting taken down and having nowhere to turn for help.)


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