Top Telemedicine Apps Ace Their Checkup In Latest Provider Ranking

Top Telemedicine Apps Ace Their Checkup In Latest Provider Ranking

May 19, 2021 at 02:19PM

Medical “screening” is taking on daring digital definitions these days, as it moves from meaning a series of lab tests to a description of how we interact with physicians now — on screen.

Physician apps are doing huge numbers in 2021 as the medical profession take a pandemic stopgap (video doctor visits) and uses it as a fulcrum to help transform healthcare delivery.

Such is the power of digital doctoring, reflected here in the latest PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps. It shows a real shot in the arm for the sector this year, as we’ll see.

The Top 5

Rising one spot to become the new No. 1 is Teladoc, which more than doubled revenues in Q1 2021 to well north of $453 million.

Another gainer at No. 2 is the K Health | Primary Care up one spot.

Ensconced at No. 3 for another month is Doctor On Demand, which just launched a 24/7 chat-based coaching tool to address subclinical behavioral health needs.

Dropping three spots, yet staying in the Top 5, is the MyTeleMed app at No. 4.

We’ve got a tie at No. 5 this month. Unusual for this ranking.

Our first contestant is the BetterHelp: Online Counseling & Therapy app, sticking at No. 5 from last month. Joining it at the midway point in this new update to the ranking is Vsee Clinic For Patient, rising two spots to enter the Top 5 and completing that grouping.

The Top 10

In the lower regions of the Top 10, more medical movement is detected.

Rising up two and grabbing the No. 6 chart position is the MDLIVE app, pushing ranking regular Maple — 24/7 Online Doctors down one position to No. 7.

Gaining a spot from last month is the Android-based InTouch Patient app, snagging No. 8.

LiveHealth Online Mobile also gets a boost this month, up one spot to take No. 9.

We love surprise endings, and here’s one now: new to the Provider Ranking of Telemedicine Apps at No. 10 this month is PlushCare: Online Doctor, making its Top 10 debut. Welcome.

Feeling better? No? If only there were an exhaustive list of numerically ranked doctor apps …