Pharmacy Apps Take Their Medicine In Latest Provider Ranking

Pharmacy Apps Take Their Medicine In Latest Provider Ranking

May 20, 2021 at 02:32PM

A spoonful of sugar is so last century when it comes to taking one’s medicine. Now, rather than bursting into song while ingesting sucrose, we download an app, find our price and pop a pill.

It’s all very modern and orderly, as one expects from PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps, updated monthly to bring you the latest remedies from digital dispensaries everywhere.

To that point, let’s see who’s up and who’s down in the world of digital drug discounting.

The Top Five

We can all agree that good is good. We can also agree that GoodRX is doing a fine job of holding onto the No. 1 chart position, where we find it in residence for another month. The company’s been busy, acquiring rival RXSaver while reporting in May that Q1 revenue was up 20 percent.

At No. 2 again is SingleCare – Rx Coupons, followed by RxSaver Prescription Discounts still at No. 3, which, as mentioned, is soon to be snapped up by GoodRX parent Vericast for $50 million.

The CVS Caremark app stands at No. 4, just as it did last month. Makes tracking much easier.

Finishing out the top five is a gainer — the OptumRx app — which rises one spot to enter the top five at No. 5. Welcome to the top of the rankings. The view really is exquisite up here.

The Top 10 

Coming in at No. 6 for this latest ranking is the Publix Pharmacy app, as we find grocery chains taking a bigger and bigger bite from the prescription pie in our ongoing tracking of apps.

Up a healthy two spots is the Express Scripts app, as the pharmacy benefit management space gets a major workout post-pandemic.

We were just mentioning grocers in the pharmacy game, and here comes another one, as Kroger Rx Savings Club — aka KrogerRxSC — holds its territory at No. 8 for another ranking cycle.

The Kroger pharmacy app is tied at No. 8 this month with another chart regular, RxLocal, dropping one spot but staying firmly in the top 10, where it’s been all year.

Another gainer takes No. 9: the Clever Rx app, which was new to the top 10 last month and is now climbing the charts one spot at a time. We’ll keep an eye on what may be an interesting rise.

We’ve been ending with a bang lately, and so it is with this latest Provider Ranking of Prescription Apps. New at No. 10 and entering the top 10 for the first time is RefillRx, described as “a one-tap solution for refilling prescriptions.” People are loving these one-tap solutions.

That’s an app wrap for the pharmacy category. Until next month, be well.