AI-Powered Autonomous Retail Startup Trigo Teams With Google Cloud

AI-Powered Autonomous Retail Startup Trigo Teams With Google Cloud

June 24, 2021 at 09:10PM

Autonomous retail startup Trigo is partnering with Google Cloud to advance its frictionless checkout technology. The partnership agreement will make Triago’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology for autonomous shopping available on Google Cloud.

“Trigo’s work with Google Cloud shows how the world’s top grocery retailers digitize, innovate, deliver exceptional experiences for their customers, and compete in an increasingly crowded and growing marketplace,” Trigo CEO and Co-Founder Michael Gabay said in a press release.

Teams from both Google and Triago are partnering to assist retailers with advancing digital processes with AI-powered autonomous stores. 

“Technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT are helping retailers deliver exciting, new experiences for consumers,” said Paul Tepfenhart, director of global retail solutions at Google Cloud. “We’re delighted that Trigo is bringing its retail solutions to Google Cloud, and we look forward to partnering with Trigo to help retailers accelerate their adoption of these capabilities.”

Triago’s technology was developed with privacy in mind and uses AI in combination with available hardware to retrofit stores with autonomous abilities. The startup uses proprietary algorithms to make ceiling-mounted cameras able to upload information about how shoppers move about the store and how they make decisions about purchases. Payments are handled digitally and receipts are sent to customers via email or text messaging. 

Trigo is collaborating with European retailers such as Rewe, Germany’s second-biggest supermarket, and Tesco, where Trigo is using its technology for Tesco Express convenience stores across the U.K., Ireland and Central Europe, according to the release.

The demand for autonomous checkout is on the rise, with Trigo raising $10 million led by REWE Group.

Technology that removes the need for having in-person cashiers shortens the shopping and checkout experience while also reducing theft. Israeli-based mobile checkout company Shopic said its tech —  white-labeled or branded is targeting grocery stores.