Digital Transformations In The US And Abroad

Digital Transformations In The US And Abroad

June 02, 2021 at 04:00PM

Secondhand eShop Sellpy, which is majority-owned by H&M, will be expanding to additional European nations. In brick-and-mortar, a sizable share of America’s malls will close over the next few years, although the Mall of America is something of a species unto itself. And in international payments, companies can use countless technologies to make their cross-border payment flows simpler to manage. All this, Today in Data.


2015: The year H&M bought its first share of Sellpy.

62%: Share of U.K. businesses that expect cross-border innovation to reduce costs.

56%: Share of U.S. businesses that believe cross-border innovation can enhance cash flow management.

25%: Estimated share of America’s roughly 1,000 malls that will close over the next three to five years.

€20M: Minimum amount that H&M has invested in Sellpy.