Gig Apps Apply For — And Get — New Chart Positions In Latest Provider Ranking

Gig Apps Apply For — And Get — New Chart Positions In Latest Provider Ranking


Did you know that the word “gig” in its original form had zero to do with working?

To musicians, a “gig” is a performance. For troublesome Army privates, a “gig” is a penalty, like much-hated latrine patrol. Historically, a “gig” was also a two-wheeled horse-drawn buggy.

Meanings have commingled over time to yield the modern definition of a mutual money-making opportunity — with few strings attached. This update to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps shows movement in the gig app sector getting intense, as more workers do more downloads ahead of extended unemployment benefits expiring a few months hence.

Now, for a “gig” of our own, we present the latest Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.

The Top Five

Not much has changed at the very top of the charts since we last checked in, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of serenity. There’s lots to cover and much has happened, but most of our top-ranked apps held their positions.

Let’s start with DoorDash at No. 1, where it’s been for some time now, reporting in May that revenues grew 198 percent year over year to $1.1 billion, with total orders up 219 percent.

Likewise, Uber Driver keeps its No. 2 spot, with a new booze service toasting the fact that active delivery merchants rose 76 percent year over year in recent financials. No. 3 remains the turf of Instacart Shopper, being helpful in the recovery by adding SNAP payments acceptance.

The Fiverr freelance services app sticks at No. 4, after earlier this year posting strong revenue growth as more active buyers engage with the indie contractor platform.

Entering the top five for the first time is the Upwork app, whose gross services volume expanded 23 percent YOY to $654.5 million as recently as Q3 2020.

That’s a wrap for the top five.

The Top 10

In this region, we often see more jockeying for position, and that’s the case again in this update to PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps.

Up one spot to No. 6 this month is the Freelancer app, which connects people with gig work.

A tie takes No. 7 as Lyft Driver elevates one chart position, and Amazon Flex falls two spots to share that space. Lyft is unloading its self-driving vehicle arm, Level 5, to focus on rideshare.

There’s another tie at No. 8, this time between local labor app TaskRabbit, rising one spot, and gargantuan Grubhub for Drivers rising two spots, as Netherlands-based food delivery platform Just Eat Takeaway closes in on its acquisition of Chicago-based Grubhub.

New at No. 9 this month is the hourly staffing platform app Snagajob. Welcome to the big time.

Closing it out is one final tie, for the No. 10 position. Place your bets (but you’ll never guess).

New to the Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps Top 10 is the data-collecting Gigwalk app, splitting the space this month with another newcomer, on-demand staffing app Wonolo, whose head of supply Monica Plaza predicted a number of 2021 gig economy trends with stunning accuracy in this memorable 2020 PYMNTS TV episode.

May 17, 2021 at 02:00PM