Gig Apps Consolidating Positions After A Tangle Of Tied Scores In Previous Ranking

Gig Apps Consolidating Positions After A Tangle Of Tied Scores In Previous Ranking

June 16, 2021 at 02:40PM

The economy is reawakening and there are jobs to be done. Many jobs today are best categorized as a “gig” — it means affordable staffing to many companies, and flexible financial freedom to throngs of workers — so much so that we now call it the “Gig Economy.”

Judging by PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps, the space is organizing into hierarchies, as will happen with markets, although we see plenty of names fly in (and out) of the charts. There’s a dynamism underlying gig apps that’s fairly unique among our rankings.

Now, to the ranking rigors at hand.

The Top 5

Things haven’t changed a smidge in the Top 5 of this ranking since last month. That’s the hierarchy effect mentioned — with the caveat that hierarchies crumble all the time.

Just not this time.

Still reigning at No. 1 is DoorDash, which just partnered with PetSmart on a cool delivery deal.

It’s Uber Driver at No. 2 again, the ink just now dry on their Walgreens same-day delivery pact.

Staying on at No. 3 another month is Instacart Shopper which launched a million-dollar ad campaign for Black-owned brands, and well-timed for the Juneteenth holiday (June 19).

Swear we’re not doing this on purpose, but at No. 4 is the Fiverr app. Wordplay is silly fun, but the $2 billion that workers have earned using Fiverr is very serious gig money.

Taking us out of the Top 5 is Upwork, which has seen record YoY adoption in recent quarters.

The Top 10

Anyone remember last month when the  Provider Ranking of Gig Economy Apps was all tied scores? Well, forget that. Not a tied score in sight this cycle. We said “dynamism,” didn’t we?

Amalgamating its position at No. 6 this cycle is the Amazon Flex app, while well-named Freelancer drops one chart position to land at No. 7.

Holding down the No. 8 spot with apparent ease is the Grubhub for Drivers app. No change.

Falling two chart positions out of a tie last month is the Lyft Driver app, now at No. 9.

Both Uber and Lyft are considering unions to firm-up relationships with their greater gig-force.

Hopping down two chart positions but staying in the Top 10 again is TaskRabbit, matching freelance labor with local demand, and taking No. 10 amid sizzling gig app competition.

Incidentally, last month this space featured 13 apps. Now we’re back to 10. Any guesses about next month? How many apps can we rank? As many as make it takes.