Positive Developments In Retail And Digital Banking

Positive Developments In Retail And Digital Banking

May 21, 2021 at 04:00PM

Kohl’s reported that its store sales soared during its most recent quarter, while the retailer’s digital sales climbed year over year. In other retail earnings, Petco reported that its net revenue surged in its most recent quarter at a time when more pets are in homes than ever before. And in banking, credit unions (CUs) can close the gap between their own innovation agendas and the expectations of members. All this, Today in Data.


86%: Share of CU decision-makers who prioritized developing QR code-enabled payments.

40%: Share of Kohl’s digital sales that were fulfilled in-store in Q1 of fiscal 2021.

$14M: Kohl’s net income for Q1 of fiscal 2021, up from a loss in 2020.

12%: Share of credit unions that say they were first to market with their innovations in 2020.

$1.4B: Petco’s net revenue for Q1 of fiscal 2021.