Cilantro Lime Tofu Bowls

June 25, 2020 at 10:00AM

An easy and simple vegan recipe for tofu bowls with rice and a zesty cilantro lime sauce. These cilantro lime tofu bowls come together quickly for a full meal-in-one that everyone will enjoy! I’m a big believer that all people are capable of change. How do I know this? Because I used to hate cilantro…and now I love it. I know, I know there’s probably a lot of other convincing facts that would lead one to believe that we can all change but this is the one I’m going with. Because despite the commonly held belief that not liking cilantro is a genetic thing, I am case in point that you can beat even your own genes. I don’t really know when it happened either. I’m pretty sure somewhere in the deep archives of THM you’ll find a blog post where I vilify cilantro, but somewhere along the way I just got tired of hating it. I try not to be a fussy eater and hate having to waste something because I’m not into the taste. It seemed easier to learn to enjoy cilantro than worry about it being sneakily added. And now, I’m kind of obsessed. It has officially […]

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