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[Discussion] Cashier check question

June 26, 2020 at 05:53AM

I always pay my rent with cashier check issued by my bank ( USA) and it takes a visit to the bank must do it in person. Recently the visits became hellish. Temperature in my city in the summer is 100 or more and that includes mornings and they open at 10am ( if it was 6 am or 7 would have been better ) . We have to stand outside wearing masks in this heat in slow moving line ( bank allows only certain amount in at a time and there is always a line.) So am trying to find other ways to pay rent. I am not sure about zelle because it does not allow me to write is for rent and what proof do I have. So am thinking is there a way to get that check online somehow ? Are there other possibilities for a cashier check many stores are open 24 hr unlike a bank but am not sure what to do and where to buy a check as solid as banks. Also if any bank manager reads this… would be great if bank hours were changed to accommodate very hot weather zones in these stressful times.

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