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[Discussion] Depositing a large number of bills into ATM one at a time

June 27, 2020 at 12:12AM

A lady in the car in front of me at a drive through ATM deposited a large number of bills into the ATM, but only 1 at a time. She would deposit the $20 bill, press something on the screen and then put in another bill and so fourth. She must have did this 30 times and people were getting mad and driving away. I'm guessing she put in one bill, then the ATM asked if she would like to make another deposit and then she touched "yes" and added the next bill.

Why would she be doing this? I could only make two guesses: 1) In the past, she put in a stack of bills and the machine mis-counted. Not wanting a mis-count again, she put them in one at a time. 2) This was some sort of money laundering or counterfeit scheme where by putting in the bill one at a time, the ATM would accept the counterfeit bill.

Any ideas?

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