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[Discussion] Can you win disputes paid with a debt card?

June 27, 2020 at 05:45PM

I tried to purchase a used bike on bluebookbicycle however the transaction failed through their website. I ended up contacting the seller and after a lengthy talk, we were able to sort out a payment plan. I ended up paying $100 through Paypal ($100 was the max Paypal would let me send) and $500 through google pay (I thought google pay had buyer protection…). After making the payment, I tried to contact him the next day however 1. he deleted his bluebookbicycle account 2. blocked me on facebook (he wanted to try FB pay) and 3. he changed his phone number/ number is now unavailable. So currently, I've started up some disputes, however, given that I did authorize the transaction and that the transaction was completed with google pay through a debt card, I feel like my chances of getting the $500 back are slim to none. I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with a similar situation and what the outcome was.

Current dispute status:

– Paypal instantly refunded me the $100 a few hours after I opened the dispute.

– Google denied my dispute. Tbh, I'm a little peeved by their support but I guess it's my fault for not reading the ToS. In short, I filed the dispute, informed them of the listing, provided pictures of the listing/ deleted account, and pictures of all our text messages basically trying to show that after sending the money, he cut off all forms of communication with me. And google basically just said, "We can't do anything because the transaction didn't fail and it was an authorized transaction. Why don't you ask him to return the money." Idk, I just didn't think it made sense cause the transaction had to be successful for him to send me a bike in the first place, and being that it was supposed to be a purchase, I had to authorize it. And in the end, both those "reasons" don't change the fact that I will not receive the bike. I even showed them in the proof that the seller blocked me completely. But either way, they can't do anything about this.

– I am still waiting for a response with the bank, but I guess they're my last hope for the $500 assuming I can get a chargeback? or something.

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