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[Discussion] Conflict Resolution, Bank of America, TekSystems, Termination & Defective Employee Metrics Systems

June 27, 2020 at 04:38PM

I was fired yesterday; this is my story and I’ve chosen to share it. You can make of it what you want.

On 6/19/20 I identified an issue where our VOIP software was incorrectly interfacing with our Softphone apps. I filed work order INC000026880*** and notified both of my direct managers (contractors, myself as well).This went un-responded to, unfortunately outright ignored. The “metrics & reporting” (data analysis) ie.. reports gathering mentioned in that work order that basically if the interfacing is off daily, weekly etc… reports weren’t accurate. Reports that management relies on to verify & track workforce performance whether good or bad performance.

A few weeks went by. I was asked to attend a managerial meeting at which point I assumed it’d be regarding this issue. Instead I was warned; the performance metrics had flagged me. I was headed for termination. My work order, now in the hands of a technology group, wasn’t even mentioned. The manager reaching out to me wasn’t even aware of it and or acknowledging it. I knew we had a problem, not her and I but something in the system was off, I would receive daily emails from my clients – exclaiming how I’d helped them. While working remote during COVID the Bank has disabled each Global Information Services Technology Analysts automated feedback submission (there’s a button you’d normally be able to click in the CRM system)

If you want to affect a person’s feedback positively or negatively you have to write typed out emailed reviews. So I knew “wow with all of these people having CC’d my boss my dept head my VP my SVP my regional head global etc” with positive stories on numerous occasions there has to be something off because I definitely bust my hump and have documents to prove it! So I referenced my existing work order, explained I'd also brought this to management's attention, and ended by asking if the system can interpret things mistakenly at times?

This… was not taken well, my boss (contractor) was not happy in the least. It was explained this was a "me" issue I needed to change and I was asked if I was stressed out, alright, ok, or getting it repeatedly. To which I calmly stated “yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes ma’am” etc. She further elaborated, up until this point I'd been garnering negative emails, reviews, complaints and my metrics were headed for an early termination of my contract. My line of business and focus in my day to day was interfacing with our executive employees throughout the company. I asked could a day be reviewed against one report? One days work orders against one day's monitored report? Her response "You want to formally challenge the system" To which I replied well "no not really I mean I just am asking for one day here"

She said ok well go take 15 minutes and then after that take time (off the clock) later today (yes off the clock) I was told that – I was hourly – (I know whooptie doo) and go through a day and verify the metrics of said day. The day she chose was the one from my earlier work order. June the 19th. The metric we focused on in particular was first call resolution. It had reported that on the day of an average of 33% or so calls (I'd worked in a managed call center); for that day had been closed as FCRs (first call resolutions) I went through every work order for that day; checked the status of each one – verified if they'd been resolved and saved as FCR (re opened or not by the clients) and my results were instead of 33% the actual was a 1:1 ratio – 100% for each call it was a first call resolution of that day. Now granted not every day is like that some are escalated some are reopened it just turned out that day we picked had thrown false positives.

I was confused, here I was looking at actual hard data – proof that I'd been working really well and that everything I'd been doing up until this point for everyone was being done right but that the system wasn't registering it or recognizing it. I had been telling everyone within my direct chain of command in management in TekSystems and they didn't seem to care. Now I was actually really aware of it with complete accuracy & proof. I was worried at first I thought well they'll just think I'm nuts or something cause I'm just a call center agent at this present time in my life. In the past I'd spent 10 years in IT but right now I was a nobody. So… worried the contractor might do what they'd been doing I went to my next chain of command. The Bank. Well. That went … kinda ok. It seemed like at first I presented my findings (I'm not naïve so I know it must've come as a surprise and made them think what the hell)

I did my best to come off passive and explained their vendor dropped the ball and asked me to take ownership of this situation beyond the scope of my job description. & Off the clock and delegated it to someone who wasn't management. I asked for the recognition of identifying that problem & explaining it to my boss at the bank, our VP, our SVP and our dept head in the form of pay and a full time job (why not they were already trying to fire me? The vendor) . I went further by explaining they all knew me (which they did) each of those aforementioned individuals had prior knowledge of my work history as I stated earlier my LOB was to serve executive staff so they'd often have reviews hand written by those individuals submitted to these people talking about me & we'd have brief correspondence between each other. Not that I took that to mean us friends, nor that I felt I didn't understand the idea of "staying in one's lane" but no one in life should work for free. I'll explain.

I wrote the following, in part: “I can understand how questioning a system that evaluates the general workforce could draw negative optics. I could also see how it could draw even worse optics if we have an unchecked problem with new hires where profiles aren’t setup properly and or there’s been a breakdown in communication of how people need to close things for our metrics to be read right. Either way I’ve been continuously bringing this to lower management’s attention over the past three weeks – I’d opened a ticket to track how adherence hadn’t affected times and other issues with PSD software INC000026880***. My attempts to reach out to Teksystems have over the course of almost a month gone unanswered and to be told last night that this can eventually result in termination, disciplinary action etc.. things I have no control over yet have continuously reached out to proper chain of command to address is unfortunate in the least.

I do care about optics sure; but I care about essential day to day systems that need to track how much and how often people are working at home (especially during Covid) a lot more. Especially considering these are the same monitoring tools we use within GIS to track revenue generating positions which I would garner does tie in with billing to some effect. Even if it’s not backend side and it’s a front-end issue, settings related it is still an issue with management I have been desperately trying to communicate failing to have been willing to invest the time and effort to look into the problem and decide if 1.) Am I actually doing the work? Or 2.) If I am doing the work why am I not getting the credit and could this be a wider spread issue?

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