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[Discussion] [USA] A few months ago I deposited multiple bills into my bank at the ATM, one bill kept getting displayed in the ‘Check’ pile at the ATM, was something wrong with it?

June 27, 2020 at 03:10PM

Ever since this happened its been occupying my mind, I went to deposit around $250, all the bills but one got displayed in the 'Cash' pile, one $50 Bill got displayed in the check pile, where you can preview your check deposit. I tried it twice and it still did the same thing. I could've clicked accept on the deposit but I didn't know if it would get counted. I chalked it up as the ATM not liking the bill, since it was folded, and kept it as cash to use just in case since I rarely carry cash. I've also had ATMs in the past not take some 20's before but never had them displayed in the 'check' pile. it never occurred to me until now. I later used the bill I think about a month later, I pretty much forgot about it.

But now I'm wondering if it was a fake bill. I started reading online like a mad man on ATMs but there are so few answers out there. I saw a reddit post about someone in a similar situation, a redditor who said they managed for ATMs for 5 years said that if it was fake, the ATM would keep it and not give it back and not give you credit to your account. Is that true? I also found one bank's website that said if it doesn't like the condition of the bill it won't take it. I'm looking for relief since it's been occupying my mind for a while. I'd like to know so if something was wrong with it so I'll give the business replacement money.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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