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[Discussion] Citi Bank new checking + savings account application error and no help from customer service

June 29, 2020 at 10:03PM

I applied for a Citi Bank checking + savings account package just as a secondary bank and because they have this new $400 reward offer ongoing till 6/30.

I applied 6 days ago and received an email saying “we’re reviewing”. First red flag – just for a simple bank account they need to “review” for 5 days?

Then today, I called up their horrible helpline which wasn’t able to understand my inputs for several minutes before I finally landed on a rep. She looked up with my social security and told me something on the lines of “your application wasn’t processed because it didn’t go through” essentially telling me there was an error and that I’ll have to start a fresh new application.

Firstly this is shitty service for a new potential customer trying to get into the citi ecosystem. Lastly, it looks like an attempt to avoid paying out the bonus offer.

Is there a solution to this other than starting a new application? I don’t think I’d like to move forward with it as I now know what to expect from this bank. Secondly is there anyway I can erase my info? I don’t want the bank to carry my info when they couldn’t even give me a valid fucking reason why the application didn’t go through.

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