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Apple Card Users Can Now Make Online Card Payments

July 02, 2020 at 11:34PM

With a new website Apple has launched, Apple Card holders will be able to check balances and do business online, the company said, according to MacRumors.

The site,, allows users to sign in and see their balance, their next payment due date and the total limit of their card.

On another part of the site, users can download monthly statements, and they can visit the Settings tab to add another account, schedule a payment or see the benefits from their Mastercard network. Then they can also access a support section by either phone or text if they need help, the news release says.

The functions aren’t brand new — they were previously available through the company’s mobile wallet app, but now users can access them via a computer rather than a phone if need be. In addition, now users can have an Apple Card without the need for an iPhone or iPad.

In addition, users can now apply for an Apple Card from the website, on any browser, the news release says.

The company is also running a new promotion where Apple Card users can get $50 in Daily Cash when using their card to pay for things like App Store purchases, Apple Arcade or Apple Music.

The tech giant has been promoting the card in the past several weeks and months. Recently, Apple has been trying to work with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and has extended the grace period it is offering those who may have difficulty paying right now. The company said it knew many were still struggling with the financial aftermath of the pandemic since it hit in March for many U.S. residents.

The company also rolled out a new program to aid those who had previously been denied an Apple Card due to bad credit. By working with those customers on ways to improve credit, Apple hopes to help them successfully apply next time.

Apple Card Users Can Now Make Online Card Payments …

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