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[Discussion] Citibank fuckery

July 14, 2020 at 10:14PM

Sorry folks, I just need to vent a bit here. I have a personal loan from Citibank, initial amount was 5k and I have 4k left to pay off. It wouldn't have been an issue, however after losing my job during covid, money has become extremely tight. When I first lost my job I contacted my direct deposit withholders (i.e. the accounts I had set with autopay, insurance, loan, ect.) and asked to have the auto payments stopped. Sadly, 2 accounts continued to attempt making withdrawals even after repeated calls (looking at you Geico.) As a result my account balance dropped to negative and I had to resort to paying everything I could with cash payments in person. For some reason, multiple places won't take direct payments from the unemployment debit card, as there isn't an account tied to it. (I didn't want to transfer the funds to the checking account as overdraft fees would wipe everything out, without paying off the amounts due.) Today I get the, "Your payment is late phone call, we need a payment." I just got my check yesterday and was already planning on making my payment in person. I get to the bank and when I try paying the bill they tell me they can't take cash as I closed my account. I said I didn't close it, the teller says that the bank must have. Then told me they can't take a cash payment without an account. WTF? The teller tells me I can pay for a cashier's check, and use that or write a check on a different account. I didn't care that they closed the account, I understand the reason, however forcing me to pay more money that I don't have or refusing cash is ludicrous. Now I get to sit on hold forever to find out how the f to give them the money they want, without actually giving them any money. This is going to make paying my taxes super fun tonight as well. I realize it is entirely my fault that jobs have shut down and I haven't been able to find work, naturally I should have gone out and gotten infected in the hope I die. I'm so fucking pissed right now, I understand my part in the problem however refusing U.S. currency is b.s.

Thanks, I feel better venting. Good luck everyone.

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