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[Discussion] Citizen Bank Worst to Bank with

July 14, 2020 at 10:10PM

Hi, Everyone checks your bank statement, Citizen Bank is charging $9.99 per month for not completing a transaction in your account during this Pandemic!.

This Bank keeps hiring and firing employees, every other week or month you find new faces and they disappear.

Lets all STOP banking with this Non-citizen bank. Today, I had gone to close the account and the rep. she refunded the $9.99 but manager Christine Aleo, Wolf Rd Albany NY refused to complete the transaction telling me that I know, If I don't do a transaction in a month, (several branches closed, timings are different, no in-person service) I have to pay charges to this bank.

Please check and make sure this bank stop taking/robbing our hard-earned money that easily.

Please vote and support. Thanks

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