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Webinar: The bottom line – simplifying digital evolution in financial services

July 17, 2020 at 03:37PM

Simplifying digital evolution in financial services

90% of IT leaders in financial services believe their firm will need to invest in digital projects just to survive the rapidly changing market. Today, digitalisation is not only an important strategic development, it’s a fight for survival.

While this provides a new direction for the industry, the reality is that IT leaders and developers in financial services face myriad challenges in the post-digital world – from outdated infrastructure that no longer suits the needs of a remote workforce to evolving customer expectations for mobile banking or artificial intelligence (AI) enabled trading, or even simply maintaining compliance as regulations change and penalties for breaches increase.

Leadership wants innovation and it wants it now – both for internal processes and customer-facing applications. To respond to this, the IT team needs more modern systems, tools and processes that make perpetual innovation possible.

In a world where transactions happen at the speed of light, there’s no time to waste. Join our panel of speakers for a new webinar about being competitive, fast and secure – and the technologies underpinning this – in the “The bottom line – simplifying digital evolution in financial services” live webinar.

Join Mendix and FinTech Futures on August 19th at 3pm BST for this free live webinar! Click here to register.

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