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[Discussion] Bank Of America lost my wire transfer money

September 09, 2020 at 08:30AM

I was doing an internal wire transfer from my Bank Of America EDD card to my bank checking account. I made two transfers. The first one was sent to a closed account because BOFA closed that account on accident. When they found the issue they where able to restore my account. Now the first transfer shows as pending, the bank told me it will likely reject and go back in my other account in several days. Once my account was fully restored and working I transferred my remaining EDD balance to my bank account. The second transfer disappeared and I got an email saying invalid account or routing number. Maybe when the account was restored it made my account and routing number defective? I looked at my account and the routing number and account number are still the same.

The last time something like this happened it took me over 6 months to get my money back. I hear it's common for money to never be added back to the account. This is my life savings and I have zero dollars in both of my accounts now. Is there a way to expedite the money going back into my accounts? I have to call claims tomorrow but I'm not optimistic

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