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[Discussion] BofA “customer care” removed my phone number from my account

September 09, 2020 at 10:24AM

I’ve been receiving regular phone calls from a person who says they’re with customer care at Bank of America. I tell him, every time, that I’m not interested in whatever he’s calling about or trying to sell me and for him to stop calling me. He then sends a follow up email that I delete.

Today I responded to his email and told him I’m all caps to stop calling me.

…and then I received a notification that my phone number had been removed from my Bank of America account entirely. As in, there was no phone number on my account at all. I had to log in and re-add my phone number.

I don’t know who this customer care person is and have never tried to contact him or given him any authorization to access or make changes to my account.

Do his actions violate anything that I can file a complaint with?

I will be calling the branch that he’s with and complaining tomorrow. Who would be the best person for me to file a complaint with?

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