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[Discussion] HELP! Miss typed my account# by one number for direct deposit.

September 11, 2020 at 01:32PM

I was supposed to get paid yesterday but it never got to my account. I went to check to see my direct deposit info and there it was. I missed one number in my account number information while looking at my paystub. I immediately called the staffing agency that handles my pay and told them what happened. She put me on hold and then it sounded like someone was about to answer and the phone cut off. So I called back… the phone cut off immediately not letting me through. It was around 10:30AM when I made the second call with no answer, so I called again the same thing happened. So I thought to myself maybe their system is down and their phones are down I’ll call back later. I waited until 2PM bc usually people are on lunch from 11-1:30ishPM. I called and was finally through to them. She told me the head of who handles payroll was on a call and she would write down my name and number for her to call me back. I’m aware they close and leave for the day by 5PM. 5PM rolls around and I never hear from them. At this point I feel like they’re ignoring me. I’ve never been an insistent person on anything but this has to do with money. What will happen to my money? If I don’t get paid would it be my fault since I missed that one number in my account number? What happens if I don’t get paid? Do they still by law require to pay me?

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