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Report: Three key strategies for customer experience success

November 04, 2020 at 11:00AM

FinTech Futures has launched its latest in-depth industry report, on the changing face of customer experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience has become crucial for financial institutions

The financial services landscape has experienced a fundamental change in the last few years.

However, the core services for customers remain largely the same. Financial institutions are beginning to realise that providing exceptional customer experiences can be a true differentiator in the market.

Customer service has emerged as one of the most highly valued attributes in a bank by consumers. According to Forrester data, every point dropped in a bank’s customer experience score is worth $124 million lost.

The most forward-thinking of CEOs must be asking the question “what do my consumers really want from their bank?”. Yet that question often ends up simplifying things. Banks need to be asking “how can I understand what customers are trying to achieve, and help them achieve it?”.

Banks once relied upon reputation and pedigree to get the job done, gain market share and build up the loyalty of their customer bases. Times have changed, and financial institutions are changing with it.

This report, supported by Box, investigates three crucial ways that banks can get back into the customer experience driving seat: understanding, embracing new tech, and realigning with collaboration.

Featuring expert insight from major banks:
  • Ken Johnstone, chief product officer, Mettle
  • Reginald Warlop, group head of design, wealth and personal banking, HSBC
  • Souheil Badran, chief operating officer, Northwestern Mutual

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