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[Discussion] Does my bank have the right to question/ask about transactions and block my card?

November 06, 2020 at 07:54PM

Basically I got off the phone with a service rep and got my debit card blocked because I was making too many suspicious transactions and didn't answer one of the randomized questions correctly, after which he told me to go to my local branch in order to resolve the issue, which I am not doing because I've had multiple problems. Now my recent transaction history consists of deposits I made into gambling sites, about $4000 in total and some online purchases from overseas vendors. I can still use my account, but my card is blocked, and I'm going to find a new bank asap. The bank I use is Bank of the West(BNP Paribas) and I've been having many problems with them, multiple fraudulent transactions, poor security, broken ATM machines, really poor service.

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