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[Discussion] Double Refund/Dispute Situation

November 06, 2020 at 09:17AM

Back in July of this year, I went into a pita shop for lunch. Later that day, I noticed I was charged an extra $1000 for my 8 dollar pita. I contacted my bank and filed a dispute. I called the pita shop and they said they would refund it. I got a $1000 temp credit from my bank. A few days later, I received a refund from the shop. I called the bank back and asked them to close the dispute. Fast forward a month, I still have double. I contacted my bank again, letting them know I was refunded and I still have the $1000 credit that at this stage was now “permanent”. They said they would take care of it. Now it’s November and I still have an extra grand sitting in my account. What should I do at this point? Is the cash fair game? Should I call the bank again? I welcome your advice.

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