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Webinar: Managing data today – real time, real AI, real application

November 06, 2020 at 11:04AM

Join FinTech Futures and SmartStream’s team of innovation specialists and learn how real artificial intelligence can overcome the challenges organisations face when it comes to managing data integrity and validation processes.

In real time, you will see how AI can be applied to no less than three complex data reconciliation activities with immediate results.

Join this webinar on 19 November to understand how effortless it is to transform your operations and take data processes to the next level. You will gain insight into:

  • How to compare complex data sets, in huge variety of non-standard formats and structures
  • How real time AI and observational learning transforms processes that would usually be measured in weeks and months, to just seconds
  • How to significantly increase match rates
  • SmartStream Air – the most advanced AI solution in the market for reconciliations




Andreas Burner
Chief Innovations Officer


Roland Brandli
Strategic Product Manager


Victoria Harverson
Global Head of Business Development
SmartStream Air

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