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[Discussion] I think I just gave my teller $900 cash, miscounted and told him it was $600, and the deposit slip says $600. I’m missing $300 and the bank says the drawer is balanced.

December 31, 2020 at 10:43PM

So I was quite sleep deprived today and went to the bank to deposit $600. When I counted the money I counted 2 $100 bills, 2 $50 bills, and then 30 $20 bills. I remember thinking in my out of state brain that 30 $20 bills would equal $300 (stupid me). I got the cash together, told the teller it was $600, he ran it through the money counter, then gave me the deposit slip. I didn’t think anything of it until I went home, counted my cash and was $300 short of where I should be. I looked all over my house for the missing $300 then it hit me- “holy shit I counted 30 $20s thinking it was $300, I gave the teller too much money and he wrote it down as $600”. I called the bank, told them what I think had happened, and they checked my teller’s drawer and said it was balanced. Then, they put me on the phone with the teller and he said “ you handed me 2 $100’s, 2 $50’s, and the rest were $20’s” but he did not specify how many 20 dollar bills I had given him. He also said that he remember money counter saying $600. I asked if they had a record of amounts that go through the money counter and was told that they don’t. I did not want him to feel as if I was accusing him of stealing and clarified that maybe we just messed up on both ends, he could have seen the 6 as a 9 or something. It also could be somewhere missing in my house but I doubt it. I’ve looked all over for the cash and I only keep my cash in one place, and it’s currently short $300. And I am almost entirely positive I handed him $900. Still open to the possibility of me just misplacing the money at my house but the probability of that is low. What should I do? Add on: the teller told me he’s working tomorrow and if anything came up then he would give me a call.

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