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[Discussion] Bank can hold my government check because the account that it was deposited to was “closed”, yet the deposit actually is in the account and did not reject. I don’t owe this bank any money. Bank of America.

January 02, 2021 at 05:17PM

So my stimulus check was sent to Bank of America where I have an inactive account that has either been frozen or closed depending on who you talk to. Nobody is confident and everyone sends me to a different department. The last department on the phone sent me to the branch and said that they could fix it right away if I brought my driver's license. Well I went to the branch, and the person tells me that another department handles it and that they are closed until Monday. I have to make an appointment, miss an hour of work, and go back to the branch where they will call another department to try to reopen my account.

But how is the account truly closed if the government was able to deposit my stimulus check into it? Isn't there a law that says banks have to honor government checks? I do not owe the bank any money, I simply stopped using BoA because Chase had more ATMs near me. The check was not rejected. The bank account wouldn't accept a check if it was closed. Do I have any recourse here to get my money today? (Saturday)? I'm thinking about going to a different branch where maybe someone will know what to do in this situation. Even the lady that told me I would have to come back Monday kept saying "well this is really weird" and didn't act like she knew what was going on.

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