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[Discussion] Advice? My accounts and many others were consolidated with little to no warning or changed last month around the start of December into Simple checking’s, from 2 Essential and 1 Platinum, many of them being in use still, and now approx. $5000 in funds are unaccounted for between 3 people.

January 03, 2021 at 06:08AM

So, I can't be the only one.
Tldr: Capital one switched all our accounts from Essential to Simply checking, ruined my life briefly, put me $5000 in the hole. Still have yet to hear from a rep or recover said funds.

So, I can't be the only one they did this to right?

It very clearly states in their TOS that any and all funds that would've been routed to the closed checking (which I've had for 7 years), would be sent to the new account in 3-5 business days. Its been 2 weeks and I'm missing a $78 invoice, a $50 refund, and the $19 that was still in that account when it closed, which now says 0. I also haven't received my surplus check yet even though they claim they will correct any and all discrepancies on their behalf and attempt to deposit it if direct deposit is available. I made 2 attempts between the 12th and the 17th to answer this, with shrugs and words of condolence while they tried to find my funds.

Same closures happened to my S/O, who is out $240, and her mother, who's pension didn't post on time this month because although notified her payee of the change, Capital One failed to provide them with the correct routing number the first time and provided the one for the now closed checking account, and that's where the 4-ish grand leftover comes in. I haven't been able to pay our rent and we have nothing to fallback on for this massive mess.
What could've happened and why? I have attempted to contact them all week to no avail by PHONE at my local branch and their rep line, sat on the phone a collective 7 hours or so in the last 5 days attempting to find all of my funds, etc, and have received 0 answers.

I just want some rhyme or reason as to why they may have consolidated active accounts without any warning to myself/family, or where the money could've ended up since their holiday closure, as we haven't received any checks and we have contacted the business who provides the pension many times? I have yet to receive a call back from Cap and am wondering if I should just count it as a loss and switch institutions?
I just paid off my Credit with them and recovered my score to the low 6's so I'm in good standing with them as far as I know and so is my s/o because she had an extension on all of her accounts.

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