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[Discussion] Deposit on hold

January 03, 2021 at 10:47PM

I recently deposited a larger than normal check at Bank of America. This was on 12/29. I was told that there would be a hold on the deposit but that some would be available on 12/31 and the rest on 01/06. However, I received an email later that the hold for the entire amount was now until 01/08 because “check items indicate a return is likely.” I called customer service and was told that they couldn’t verify that the funds were available in the other account. But I talked to the person who wrote the check and she said that the full amount was withdrawn on the 29th the day I made the deposit. Is there anything I can do at this point to at least get the partial amount that was supposed to be available? Should I call again, or go into the bank and speak to someone? I was counting on that money for bills and food and such. My account is over 30 days old and I’m in good standing, no overdrafts or anything. I understand that large checks need to be verified but if the money was already cleared and withdrawn from the other account, it just doesn’t make sense that some or all wouldn’t be made available to me.

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