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[Discussion] Merchant keeps changing the shipping date

January 04, 2021 at 12:03AM

About 2 months ago, I ordered some custom made jewelry on Shopify. The merchant advertised the turnaround time to be 3~5 weeks for it to be made and shipped. He even put on his order form that the orders should arrive no later than Christmas. Well Christmas comes and my order hasn’t been shipped. I was given a USPS tracking number prior to Christmas, but when I paste it in the USPS tracking system, it just says that the shipping label was created not shipped. I’ve already tried reaching out to him several times. Last week, he finally sent me a pic of my order to prove that it’s been made. However he keeps changing the shipping date without my permission. I understand that the holidays and the ongoing pandemic may have delayed his orders, but I find it weird that he keeps changing the shipping date every time that I message him. What should I do? Is a chargeback reasonable?(the 60 day time limit isn’t up yet and I payed through my VISA Debit Card).

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