Revolut Business Rolls Out Invoices Feature

Revolut Business Rolls Out Invoices Feature

May 25, 2021 at 11:07PM

Revolut Business has added a new feature called Invoices to its array of tools, London Loves Business reported.

The feature lets users send professional invoices from their Revolut Business accounts, the report stated. The invoices can also be personalized to allow for a message to help enforce a company’s brand across emails. Clients can download a PDF for their records.

The tool will help speed up payments by putting them directly into a Revolut Business account, according to the report. Various payment options are available, such as card payments, bank transfers and Apple Pay.

Revolut Business Acquiring Head of Product Thibaut Genevrier said in the report: “We chose to add Invoices after hearing numerous requests from customers that this tool would save them time, cut back on administrative tasks and make their lives a whole lot easier. So, we have done just that. We want our customers to get more from their business accounts, and with Invoices, customers can now handle all their finances from one place, from invoicing customers, to accepting payments, reconciling, and managing everything seamlessly.”

Additionally, business owners can monitor and track invoices using the Invoices feature at all stages of the process, the report stated. Businesses can also save time with the feature due to the reduced number of admin tasks because of automation.

In related news, Revolut expanded its services to the U.S. in March and is operating in all 50 states, PYMNTS reported. Revolut said at the time that its plan is to build “the world’s first global financial super app.”

By getting the U.S. banking license, Revolut found itself able to provide more financial services to U.S. residents, including overdraft protection and loans.

Earlier this month, Revolut debuted currency forward contracts (FX forwards) in the U.K. to help businesses manage foreign exchange (FX) risks. The feature allows firms to set up future exchange rates any time.