New Insurance App Provider Ranking Gives Surety In Vexatious Times

New Insurance App Provider Ranking Gives Surety In Vexatious Times

May 28, 2021 at 04:18PM

Insurers are creating wonderful new mobile apps with user-friendly design and a growing list of features — even though they know that people only use insurance apps intermittently.

The latests PYMNTS Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps is a who’s who of austere legacy brands and upstart InsurTechs, all bent on the same thing: underwriting risk with mobile efficiency.

Consumers are obviously noticing, as we see apps changing places like mad or just appearing out of nowhere to suddenly chart. All signs of a vibrant sector, so let’s go to the rankings.

The Top 5

When last we met, the Progressive stood alone atop the charts at No. 1. This month it shares the throne with GEICO Mobile, rising one to tie for No. 1.

State Farm rises one spot, snagging No. 2 and doing exciting things like working with the payments FinTech Fiserv Inc. to give customers faster payouts for car and fire claims.

There’s another tie at No. 3 as the Allstate Mobile app and USAA Mobile app each climb a spot to split the rent this month.

Continuing its steady climb up the rankings is Car & Home Insurance, rising two more chart positions since last cycle to have No. 4 all to itself this month.

Also ascending two spots since last month is tangy Lemonade Insurance, entering the Top 5 at No. 5. Welcome to the penthouse. Can we get you a beverage? Orange juice perhaps (kidding).

The Top 10

Here among the Top 5 hopefuls of coming months we find the Liberty Mutual app where we left it at No. 6. Not so however with Esurance Mobile elevating one spot to No. 7.

Likewise, Farmers Insurance Mobile is up one to land the No. 8 chart position, as is Travelers Mobile, up a spot also to No. 9 this time out.

It’s joyful when a new app cracks the Top 10, so we welcome the Cover — Insurance in a Snap app, entering the Top 10 at No. 10 and closing out this Provider Ranking of Insurance Apps.