Yooz Rolls Out New AP Software In Ireland

Yooz Rolls Out New AP Software In Ireland

June 02, 2021 at 10:02PM

Yooz has launched its Yooz Rising automated accounts payable (AP) offering in Ireland, according to an announcement.

The software, which 1,000+ organizations have used, has also rolled out in France, the U.K. and the U.S. It provides purchase-to-pay automation to every business in Ireland, regardless of size, sector and volume of paperwork.

Yooz Rising is an all-encompassing offering that satisfies the three essential requirements of modern organizations, according to the announcement. It is said to provide live automation from all locations and at all times, aiming to offer resiliency and continuity with full traceability and safety.

“The further expansion of Yooz in Ireland demonstrates the key role automation is playing in modern finance and accounting departments. In the context of companies still facing a financial crisis, they need the kinds of digital tools that secure and optimize their business processes while [minimizing] any future disruption,” Magali Michel, EMEA director at Yooz, said in the announcement. Michel said that Yooz Rising offers “an unrivaled solution made for modern accounting and finance leaders striving for excellence and driven by a shared performance-driven ambition.”

Separately, Kofax, the corporate automation software firm, has rolled out a new version of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Kofax AP Agility software, which comes with functionalities to “digitally transform” AP processes. Kofax AP Agility includes features such as pre-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) software links.

“AP Agility extends far beyond a transactional accounts payable automation solution; it provides data that supports business leaders in their efforts to enhance business continuity, improve cash management and increase profitability,” Kofax Chief Marketing Officer Kathleen Delaney said in an April announcement.