Aggregators Defend Hard-Won Positions In Latest Provider Ranking

Aggregators Defend Hard-Won Positions In Latest Provider Ranking


If you want to order something for delivery, the odds favor the use of an aggregator, those logistical lions that make it easy for food and stuff to appear at our doorstep, typically ready to eat.

PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Aggregators has faithfully tracked the gyrations of aggregator platforms since before COVID-19 was on anyone’s radar, and this we can say with absolute certainty: The business model is here to stay.

How far it will go — and in what directions beyond food — is being furiously fashioned by remote teams worldwide. But when these companies get serious, stand back: They’re professionals.

The Top Five

No sense in dragging out an unremarkable top five. Not a single app has switched position since last month at the highest reaches of the ranking, which may indicate that things are settling.

At No. 1 again is DoorDash, which recently partnered with the Rite Aid pharmacy chain to offer same-day delivery. Cool at No. 2 is Uber Eats, whose financials just revealed that its active delivery merchants surged 76 percent year over year.

No. 3 is as it was, Deliveroo, fresh from a big new delivery deal with the U.K.’s Sainsbury’s retail chain. At No. 4, as before, is the Grubhub app, whose active diners grew to 33 million in Q1.

Finishing out the top five is a well-known name in a familiar chart position. It’s the Instacart app, which just teamed with The Container Store on same-day delivery.

As we said at the start, aggregators are going to new places.

The Top 10

There’s more to see in the bottom half of the top 10 for this Provider Ranking of Aggregators.

Whereas last month we had a tie at No. 6, this month only the Just Eat app occupies that spot, as it prepares to “just eat” the Grubhub platform in an announced acquisition plan.

That tie-breaker pushes the popular Zomato app down one spot to No. 7, its IPO notwithstanding. At No. 8 is the Glovo on-demand courier app, dropping one spot.

No. 9 was a tie last month, but one app has pulled ahead for now. That app would be Postmates, now an Uber subsidiary that has spun off a new business unit: Serve Robotics.

Any guesses on this last chart position? No? It’s the suspense that gets you…

New at No. 10 is the Menulog app, which was part of a two-way tie at No. 9 last month. This all goes to show that an app can lose a chart position and still be a winner.

PYMNTS’ Provider Rankings are good like that.

May 13, 2021 at 02:00PM