Airbase Debuts Standalone Bill Payments Offering For SMB AP

Airbase Debuts Standalone Bill Payments Offering For SMB AP

June 03, 2021 at 09:39PM

Expense management technology company Airbase, which is focused on small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) introduced Bill Payments+, an offering that is available on its own, according to a Thursday (June 3) announcement.

Airbase said in the announcement it is the first spend management program to provide a separate subset of its accounts payable (AP) offering. It has the capacity to provide this kind of offering as it has developed the functionalities that finance workforces, which support as many as 1,000 staffers, need to replace their legacy bill payment technologies.

“We don’t believe any other spend management company has the depth of functionality that they could even consider selling a standalone bill payments solution,” Airbase Founder and CEO Thejo Kote said in the announcement.

Those who use Bill Payments+ will also receive partial access to Airbase’s staffer reimbursement and corporate card functionalities, the announcement stated.

“Our accounts payable solution has been a core part of our spend management platform since we launched in 2018,” Kote said in the announcement. “We’re delighted to introduce Bill Payments+, which we believe delivers a significantly better experience to AP teams.”

Bill Payments+ is available from Airbase directly or by the way of its partner community, according to the announcement.

The news comes as Airbase announced in April that it now supports international bill payments to in excess of 200 countries and 145 currencies. At the time, Airbase said that companies need to make payments to vendors across the world as they grow internationally.

“We’ve got this ever-growing customer base, and we’re constantly asking them what they need so they can consolidate their AP,” Kote said in the April announcement. “We’re delighted to announce our international payments footprint to support our customers who wish to go global.”

In March, Airbase added a staffer expense-reimbursement tool. The firm had positioned the new technology alongside two current offerings — “a fully automated accounts payable system and software-enabled corporate cards,” according to a March announcement.

Airbase said at the time that the reimbursement tool is quick, as well as efficient, for employees and accounting staff.