B2B Payments Today: Sunwest Bank On PPP's Long-Term Lessons; Emburse Steps Into Accounts Payable

B2B Payments Today: Sunwest Bank On PPP’s Long-Term Lessons; Emburse Steps Into Accounts Payable

June 17, 2021 at 08:05PM

Today in B2B payments, Sunwest Bank discusses the long-term lessons of PPP, and Emburse steps into accounts payable. Plus, Ganaz discusses agriculture workers’ payroll needs, Societe Generalte partners with Temenos, and Provi tackles alcohol procurement in New York.

Business Bankers Find The Long-Term Lessons Of PPP

Keeping Agriculture Workers In The Loop Of Payroll Innovation

Agriculture workers are overlooked in many ways. Not counted in Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, these professionals are often under-banked and speak languages other than English. Ganaz CEO Hannah Freeman explains how these factors are often ignored by payroll FinTech innovators, and how to fill the gap.

Emburse Expands Into B2B Payments With Integrated AP

Societe Generale Taps Temenos To Modernize Corporate Banking

Societe Generale has tapped banking software firm Temenos to update the account management and payment infrastructures for its global transaction banking operations in Asia and Europe, according to a Wednesday (June 16) announcement. The bank will have the Temenos cloud-native banking system take the place of currency legacy infrastructures in 13 nations throughout Asia and Europe as part of a “strategic transformation” roadmap.

Provi To Provide B2B eCommerce Market For NY Alcohol Industry

B2B eCommerce marketplace Provi, which provides services for the beverage alcohol industry, is rolling out a free online ordering solution for distributors in New York that will ease the process of B2B shopping, a Wednesday (June 16) press release said. Provi will be partnering with Empire Merchants, Empire Merchants North, and Manhattan Beer — all distributors in the New York area — in the rollout.