Blackhawk Network To Disburse $100 Million For California’s Vaccine Incentive Program

Blackhawk Network To Disburse $100 Million For California’s Vaccine Incentive Program

June 02, 2021 at 10:52PM

Blackhawk Network is teaming up with the state of California to offer digital gift cards as an incentive to get vaccinated, the global payments provider announced in a press release Wednesday (June 2).

The first 2 million eligible residents of California who complete the COVID-19 vaccination process will receive a $50 digital incentive, disbursed by Blackhawk, according to the release. The $100 million partnership is part of the state’s “You Call the Shot California” campaign to encourage Californians to get vaccinated before the state’s reopening June 15.

“We recently conducted research that found monetary incentives — even modest ones — could be an effective option for encouraging vaccine adoption,” said Blackhawk Network President and CEO Talbott Roche in the release. “Our data also showed that monetary incentives could inspire half of respondents to encourage their family members to get vaccinated.”

Gift cards are easy and quick to redeem, Roche said per the release, and they boost flexible spending to support California’s economy.

Plus, they can act as a “digital on-ramp” for consumers who want to shop online, but maybe don’t have a credit or debit card, Blackhawk Network Vice President of Global Product Strategy Helena Mao told PYMNTS in February.

That’s why government and nonprofit agencies work with Blackhawk to disburse funds to those in need. Blackhawk’s U.S. disaster disbursements have increased 90 percent in the last year, according to the release.

Once a California resident completes the COVID-19 vaccination process, with confirmation from the state, they will receive a redemption code for the card over email or text message. Participants have the option of choosing a digital gift card for Albertsons or Kroger, or a virtual prepaid card. The cards can also be added to mobile wallets, the release stated.