Coupon App Ranking Reflects Inflationary Concerns In Consumer Downloading Spree

Coupon App Ranking Reflects Inflationary Concerns In Consumer Downloading Spree

June 24, 2021 at 03:00PM

On June 20, Moody’s chief economist cautioned investors of a coming market correction. Could help explain the movement we’re tracking in PYMNTS latest Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps.

For all the stability in this ranking, the current edition features tied scores and new names — all signals that inflationary concerns have connected consumers turning to coupon apps to find savings and navigate increasingly costly trips to eCommerce sites, stores and gas stations.

Digital discounting devotees, assemble. It’s time for the new Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps.

The Top 5

You know how it goes at the summit. The big ones are tough to dislodge, and so it is with great big Groupon, staying at No. 1 with its new posture as coupon dispenser for local doings with launch of a new more personalized and relevant user experience.

At No. 2 it’s still Honey Smart Shopping Assistant, chased at No. 3 by immoveable Ibotta.

The fun starts now, as the Flipp app holds its ground at No. 4, and meeting a new roommate in that same space, the go-go GasBuddy app, rising two chart positions since last cycle to enter the Top 5 at No. 4. Zero surprise there. Been watching the price of gas? So’s everyone else.

Prescription drug price-tracking app Good RX is still good at No. 5, closing out this Top 5.

The Top 10  

A pair of sixes can be a winning hand, and in the Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps, it is.

In this cycle the No. 6 position is occupied by two gainers, the Rakuten cash-back app rising one spot, while RetailMeNot climbs two to land at No. 6 as well.

From here on we go off-road, as the ranking gets a little twisty.

Entering the Top 10 at No. 7 — no small feat — is Shopkick, which rewards shoppers for … shopping.

If you like that, you’ll love Receipt Hog, new at No. 8 after an absence from the Top 10.

And that’s not all. rises one chart position to take No. 9 this cycle, making room for more than 10 apps in the Top 10. How do we do it? Sorry, it’s a trade secret.

That tenth entrant is a newcomer to the Provider Ranking of Coupon Apps, and it’s Slickdeals entering the Top 10 at No. 10 and completing this ranking.