Fitness App Rankings Reflect Horrifying Realization: It’s Swimsuit Season

Fitness App Rankings Reflect Horrifying Realization: It’s Swimsuit Season

May 28, 2021 at 06:19PM

If ever we needed a collective national movement supporting … movement … it’s now.

Winter clung overlong in parts of the U.S. — as did pandemic paranoia — all of which added pounds and inches to waistlines everywhere. It’s gotten completely out of control.

Good thing that clever app developers have been working on this for some time, giving us a field of fitness apps with which to pull ourselves together and firm that mess up.

This is a call to all couch potatoes and sedentary sweatpants-dwellers: See that smartphone that rarely leaves your hand? Download one of these fitness apps — and move it.

We take you now, fleet-footed, to PYMNTS’ new Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps.

The Top Five

Holding onto its crown another month is the Strava: Run, Ride, Swim app at No. 1, proving that triathletes often make it to the top. That’s a workout that isn’t playing around.

Replacing muscle-heads with approachable humor has helped the Planet Fitness Workouts app rise one to grab No. 2. Planet Fitness said it added 600,000 new members last quarter, btw.

At No. 3 is the gamified My Fitness Pal app, falling one spot but staying up there.

Now for a breakthrough moment, as the Workouts by Muscle Booster app vaults three chart positions in one go to land at No. 4, entering the top five for the first time.

Closing out the pack of app leaders is FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans, dropping a spot but keeping its place in the top five for another cycle.

The Top 10

Keeping it moving (that’s half the battle with fitness, after all), we’ve got the FitCoach app still doing reps at the No. 6 chart position for another ranking cycle.

Meanwhile, Map My Run by Under Armour drops two spots to rest at No. 7 this go around.

There’s a tie at No. 8 as the Nike Training Club app keeps its spot warm from last month, to be joined there this month by Runkeeper — GPS Running Tracker. Must be a runner thing.

In a field of interesting scores, we’ve got two more.

First, at No. 9 it’s Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter, climbing exactly one step to reach that rank.

To close out this Provider Ranking of Fitness Apps we welcome Workout for Women: Fitness App, with its “female-focused workouts” for overall fitness and health to the top 10.

That was 11 apps in a top 10 ranking. Now let’s see two more sets of 11, then cool down.